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About Gaming Aid

It’s safe to say that most of us have already been witness to somebody becoming the victim of a great misfortune. And maybe some of us even tried to rally their friends to support the person in need. Most of the time such initiatives fail because of a lack of personal support, donations or simply commitment.

That’s where Gaming-Aid wants to step in and appeal to millions of gamers all around the world as well as producers, publishers, developers and marketers to get them on board and make them commit themselves to the cause.

Gaming-Aid would like to help when:

  • a lengthy lawsuit against an insurance company for not covering own-occupation disability can’t be filed for lack of funding.
  • a life partner requires costly therapies after an accident or severe illness in order to find their way back to life.
  • health insurance won’t cover all the modifications required to make their home barrier-free.
  • public facilities (e.g. hospitals, children’s homes) are in need of software or hardware donations.
  • in cases where games industry people are hit by misfortune and need help.


The answer is actually quite simple:

Gaming enthusiats who like to spend their free time to contemplate and make the life a little bit more worth living for colleagues, friends, business partners, players etc. through public relations work, fund raisings and more.

In autumn 2012, Ingo Horn came up with the idea for Gaming-Aid, and at Quo Vadis 2013 he presented his idea for creating a little spark of hope for gamers in need for the first time. Immediately people expressed their interest to join the cause and started contributing to the vision, and in July 2013 Gaming-Aid was finally established by the following founding members:

 Tahsin Avci (Pop Rocket Games)
Dirk Gärtner (Gärtner PR)
Christiane Gehrke (Tom Putzki Consulting)
Lydia Hermann (m.DH Berlin)
Ingo Horn (Wargaming Europe)
Robin Houben (Travian Games)
Stephan Reichart (Aruba Events / Art of Games)
Kristina Rothe (Microsoft)
Pascal Schmidt (Travian Games)


The board of the club:

Ingo Horn


Tahsin Avci

Stellvertretender Vorsitzender

Svenja Bhatty


Marc Kamps


Christiane Gehrke

stellvertretende Vorsitzende