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Together with Hilfe im Kampf gegen den Krebs

For a few years we have been connected to the Verein Hilfe im Kampf gegen den Krebs e.V.. We got to know each other on HandyGames Charity Day, where we donated some game consoles to several facilities fighting cancer in Würzburg.
Frank Fitzner, a member of the Games Industry, who only recently passed away, and his family could get a lot of help through our befriended organisation. Members accompanied the whole family through the last year and supported them with valuable advice.
In addition to that, they passed on a donation in order to ensure the further education of his teenaged daughters.
When he was still alive, we promised him to support this organisation. And we keep our promises!
Currently the Verein Hilfe im Kampf gegen den Krebs e.V. is collecting money in a crowdfunding campaign, trying to find alternatives to fight cancer. In this promising project scientists are using the human immune system in order to replace chemotherapy, which still is a highly exhausting and dangerous therapy. Their goal is to collect 1 Mio € by the end of this year.
If you are interested in reading more about it you can find further details here:
For highly appreciated donations to the project just follow this link:…/dein-immunsystem-wird-deine…

Let’s fight cancer together!