The Baltic Sea Circle Winter Edition 2022 rally starts on Saturday – with support for Gaming Aid!

Under the title “Baltic Sea Circle Winter Edition 2022“, an adventure rally of a special kind will start on Saturday, 19 February 2022. It is not only the conditions set for the participants – to drive 7500 kilometres around the Baltic Sea in 16 days, without the use of motorways and GPS navigation, in cars that are at least 15 years old – but also the fact that each participant will raise money for a charity of their choice during the race that makes this rally so special. One of the participants, Björn Bergstein from Witten, has chosen Gaming Aid as his charity organisation of choice – and is thus collecting donations for us via BetterPlace during the entire Baltic Sea tour.

Björn and the other participants set off on their adventurous journey from Hamburg on Saturday. Gaming Aid is keeping its fingers crossed for “Professor Cat“, as Björn and his co-driver Irina Stinner call their team, so that they can return to Hamburg as planned after 16 days at the latest.

Svenja Bhatty, our CEO at Gaming Aid, commented: “All of us at Gaming Aid wish all participants in the Baltic Sea Circle Winter Edition 2022 a safe journey, lots of fun and a safe return home. We are extremely grateful to Björn and Irina for supporting us and our work with the donations raised through BetterPlace. Take care of yourselves and come back safely!”

baltic-sea-circle_für gaming aid