The pandemic has posed significant challenges for all of us. We are therefore all the more pleased that some of our projects have already been supported for 2021.

Since the beginning of the year, Gaming Aid has been able to provide concrete assistance to three specific – and in our opinion very valuable – projects that are in urgent need of support: The Inclusion Support Project Gaming ohne Grenzen is investigating which digital games can be played with various disabilities and can therefore contribute to a shared experience and thus to successful inclusion. The children’s hospice service in Karlsruhe and the Berliner Herz children’s hospice support seriously ill children and adolescents as well as their relatives with the aim of improving their quality of life. We were able to hand over funds totalling 8,610 euros to the project managers to support their important work and are delighted to be able to provide a little light in these dark times.

Our sincere thanks go to INVITE Gaming e.V., Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH with its partner R+V and Andy “Geruhn” Perdana.